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Amazon Webstore is an all-in-one hosted ecommerce website solution with the tools you need to build an online business.


It is a full featured custom branded online ecommerce solution that lets you to build, manage, sell and scale your store within an easy to use online store platform. Small businesses can now build their own store without any or nil IT support.

The easy to use user interface lets you to manage your products, categories, inventory, and product information all under the single interface.

Sales and marketing features like, Search Engine Optimization, contact management, customer management makes your life easier for someone who manages the store on a day-to-day basis.

Advantages of hosting your store on Amazon Webstore Platform

Security: Amazon uses the latest and the most advanced fraud protection technology to identify and remove fraudulent schemes to protect both the customers and vendors alike.

Scale easily: Since your Webstore is hosted on the cloud, all the IT infrastructure is essentially maintained by Amazon themselves, this makes it easier to scale your store without actually worrying about your IT hassles.

Reliable and Stable: Amazon has the most reliable IT infrastructure that allows you to build, manage and scale your store on a stronger and reliable foundation.

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You can now have access to Amazon's powerful library of ready-to-use merchandising widgets for effective merchandising of your products.

As a ecommerce store owner you can now completely take advantage of all the other Amazon services such as Selling on Amazon, Fulfillment by Amazon, and Amazon Prime on Your Site to grow your business and improve customer satisfaction while reducing your Webstore fees

You can now Increase conversion and improve store revenue with time tested Amazon features, such as high upsell cart, mini cart, bestsellers.

Creating a ecommerce store on Amazon takes just 5 steps, they are

1. Setting up your account

2. Adding your product information details to the corresponding product category

3. Design your Webstore

4. Register your domain name and point it to the store for redirection.

The Notable Features Of Amazon Web Store

o   Robust ecommerce functionalities that include all hardware and software needed to run the store is managed by and on Amazon

o   A integrated payment system

o   Intuitive shopping cart and checkout options

o   Inbuilt templates and widgets that helps personalize the store according to your needs

o   Search engine optimization and social media management features

o   Amazon has its own inbuilt features that helps run promotions on

1.   Free shipping

2.   Customer targeted offers

3.   Coupon codes

4.   Gift vouchers

5.   Buy one get one free

o   You can manage all your inventories in a centralized platform

o   Advanced search functionality that helps users to search and find products easily

o   Each and every product feature page is highly engaging and this acheived to interactive features like zoom, quick view, color swatches etc.

o   You can collect feedback on products and services using ratings and reviews under each product.

Since the ecommerce store is run on Amazon you get access to all its service integration tools like

1.   Fulfillment by Amazon

2.   Amazon Prime

3.   Amazon Product Ads

4.   Amazon associates

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