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Bigcommerce is an extremely simple but yet powerful ecommerce platform that helps you to set up your online store. As their tag line says "Spend less time building and more time selling", Bigcommerce helps owners who do not have the time, the development team and the money needed to build a store from grass roots to start selling products online.

Essential Features Of Bigcommerce:

Creating an ecommerce store has never been this easy:

Bigcommerce helps you set your own online store in less than 10 minutes. It's that easy and simple.

After signup for Bigcommerce, you would be prompted with a help gesture that assigns a dedicated ecommerce store experts team who would help you with the onboarding process.

Bigcommerce just like Shopify comes with the pre-designed store templates under different business categories that you can choose from. The industries include fashion, clothing, electronics, books, food and beverages etc.

Bigcommerce user interface is so flexible that it allows you to customize the look and feel of the store so that it reflects your brand equity.

Bigcommerce's Style Editor helps you to change the appearance of the store with the help of an easy to use WYSIWYG editor. If you need to do more than cosmetic changes then Bigcommerce also allows your developer to modify the HTML and CSS to match your requirements.

Having set up the store now comes the process of adding products that are the crux of any ecommerce store. Bigcommerce helps you to easily plan, strategize and visualize the store hierarchy. You can now add unlimited number of products to the corresponding categories with all the essential product details like weight, size, SKU and offers if any.


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As the saying goes, a picture speaks a thousand words; Bigcommerce helps you to add images of products that give your customer a real store experience.

The smart rules option on Bigcommerce helps your to automate some of the store functionalities and workflows. For instance you could easily add a smart rule stating, "From today on provide free shipping for any one who purchases products worth more than $50". It's that easy.

For any store product and inventory management is a huge task, Bigcommerce makes inventory management so easy with the help of automated rules. Bigcommerce helps you to automatically track, alert and notify inventory status once the order is placed. Bigcommerce also has partnership with third party applications such as QuickBooks that helps you to send billing data into account software directly.

Growing organically is so crucial for any online business and organic growth starts with Search Engine Optimization. Bigcommerce has one of the most robust SEO feature built in. You can now control all the on page SEO parameters like page title, H1, H2, Images, custom URLs and meta descriptions.

Bigcommerce also helps you to easily manage 301 redirects, robots.txt, Sitemap.xml and it also helps optimize your CSS and JavaScript files. Other granular level SEO features are the integration of Microdata and reviews that help your store stand out distinct with rich information about your store.

Bigcommerce also supports Content Delivery Networks or CDN that helps your store to load faster at all times.

Bigcommerce has a robust analytics and reporting system that not only churns out numbers but helps one make sense of these numbers with the help of useful metrics. These store metrics gives actionable insights on your store's performance and efficiency. Basic numbers like total revenue, orders, visits helps you to keep a tab of the performance of your store.

Customer specific metrics like total purchase, traffic source referral, purchase patterns and shopping habits helps you to gain valuable insights which then can be used on experiments that helps you to further optimize the store's experience.


If you are small and medium enterprise trying to expand your business online, then Bigcommerce is a best place to start experimenting. With the 30-day free trial and hands on onboarding support Bigcommerce is definitely worth giving a try. Advanced and granular control in marketing, promotion, SEO and customization are some of the pluses that make Bigcommerce a worthy alternative to Shopify and Magento.


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