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Drupal Commerce is open-source ecommerce software from the developers of Drupal, one of the widely used Content Management Tools. It brings with it all the advantages of using an open-source platform like Wordpress and Magento.

The Important Features Of Drupal Commerce

Drupal's easy to use and simple store management system helps you to intuitively build your store from grass roots. The robust category management features helps you to manage and maintain product categories all through the store.

The information rich product page helps you to have all the information necessary for a customer to buy the product in a non-cluttered user interface.

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All the store templates are responsive and hence mobile ready.

One of the most important advantages of going for an open source platform in general is its staunch and passionate community. Be it development or support the Drupal community helps you to run your store without any hassles at all times.


This entire ecommerce platform being open source is built on a strong technological stack which makes it easier for business to easily scale its stores. Since this ecommerce platform is powered by Drupal, the same Drupal that helps some of the most heavily trafficked sites, such as and run smoothly, one can be rest assured of its stablity.

The other features of Drupal includes

Search engine optimization

Inbuilt marketing and sales management

Powerful reporting and analytics

Robust order management tools

Easy to use and hassle free shopping cart management

Enterprise level inventory management and tracking

Advantages Of Using Drupal Over Other Ecommerce Platforms

Drupal's powerful RESTful API setup helps your ecommerce store to talk to numerous other third party apps that helps improve store management productivity. You can now most readily integrate your online store with CRM, Accounting management and customer support softwares.

The platform as such is completely free, as written on the previous series unlike where in other free ecommerce platforms like Magento and Wordpress where the templates and widgets are sold at a premium, with Drupal everything that you need to build and manage the store is free to use.

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