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Magento is a Content Management System for ecommerce platforms that helps one to create, build and sell products and services through online ecommerce stores.

Magento Ecommerce is from the brain child of the parent company Magento which was previously an open source ecommerce platform developed on PHP and MySQL which is now acquired by eBay Inc.

Magento is now available primarily as an Enterprise Class Platform catering to the needs of small companies that are trying to scale up their online business.

Essential Features Of Magento Ecommerce:

A Completely Customizable Store:

Magento ecommerce is developed with enterprise class features that help any online business to manage and scale it store.

The face of any ecommerce store is its website. Magento helps you to build online stores from scratch using a simple WYSIWYG editor. It helps you to easily visualize the store hierarchy that consequently helps you to build a better-organized store.

Since Magento is a CMS, one really doesn’t have to be computer savvy to create a store. You can chose and select the design from an array of pre developed store templates with the click of a button.

Any store that you build using Magento ecommerce is responsive, meaning it is mobile phone compatible. Magento ecommerce makes it super easy for customers to chose and buy products right from their mobile phones in a highly secure platform.

Since branding is so crucial for any ecommerce store, Magento helps you to seamlessly add all your branding collaterals into the store using the easy to use and flexible "build yourself" type store creator.

The powerful and advanced reporting feature of Magento helps you provide actionable insights on store performance and other customer data that helps you to optimize the store further for enhancements.


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Ecommerce Promotions:

As in the case of any online businesses marketing your ecommerce store is so crucial in determining how successful your business strategy is.

Magento ecommerce is loaded with features that help you to plan, strategize and run marketing promotions and campaigns right with in the store without relying on any third party applications.

Magento has a whole host of Search Engine Optimization features that helps you to optimize your site for search engines that helps your products rank higher on the search results.

Since Magento is an enterprise platform, it gives you a basic customer segmentation feature that helps you to filter and segment customers based on demographics, purchase history and shopping cart behavior. These segments can now be readily used to run marketing campaigns catered specifically to needs and requirements of the customers.

Magento also by default has all the basic marketing features like creating custom coupons that helps increase conversions. You could also now provide intelligent product suggestions to customers that helps you to upsell or cross sell more.

Superior Store Experience:

If there exists a Unique Selling Proposition for Magento Ecommerce, it is its superior store user experience.

The first and foremost important feature that helps customers is its fast and advanced search. The proprietary Solr search helps customers find their products with less number of clicks and scrolls.

Magento also gives customers the ability to filter out products and categories and this with easy navigation system helps one to get to the product they needed in no time.

Magento has a cool new feature called the recommendation engine. As the name suggests this algorithm helps customers to find the products through logical and intelligent recommendations that helps one to filter and sieve through products easily.

Providing a superior store experience is never complete without seamless, easy and secure payment integrations. Receiving payments is a crucial process both for customers and storekeepers. Magento supports almost all the major payment gateway partners like PayPal, Stripe and Bill Me Later.


If you are a business that strives to make it big the first time and scale in no time then Magento ecommerce solution in the market. The enterprise features help you to create an awesome store experience that helps you to WOW your customer every time they visit your store.

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