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Opencart is an online, web based and an open-source ecommerce platform. You can now take you store online and sell products and services directly to your customers across all geographies any time.

Since Opencart is an ecommerce solution, the store enjoys all the benefits of an open source platform.


Control: The most important advantage of going to an Open-Source platform is that you get the complete access to the core code base, so that you at any point of time have the complete control over your store. Having a strong control on the platform also makes your store more flexible and scalable for changes in the future.

Cost: Since, Almost all Open-Source platforms are built by a community of selfless developers, Opencart is free of cost. There are no hidden costs

Continuity: A private ecommerce company cannot guarantee you long-term existence. With Open-Source, since you have the complete control, you can be assured of perpetuity.

Security: Since you have the complete control of the code base and also the support of the community, you can feel safe and secure with an Open-Source platform.

Essential Features Of Opencart Ecommerce Solution

Custom Templates: Opencart has a series of inbuilt store design templates that you can chose and change any time according to your user experience requirements.

Multi-language support: Opencart is a truly multi-lingual ecommerce platform that caters to the needs of global customers. The major languages supported are English, Spanish, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Norwegian, Dutch, and Polish.

Multi-Store Support: Opencart lets you manage multiple stores from a single admin control panel. This helps you to centralize you sales and marketing activities.

Simple & Easy: Opencart has a easy to use WYSIWYG interface that lets you to add products to their respective categories with all the essential information about the product.


View Referral Software Features

Payment Gateways: Opencart supports almost all major payment gateways such as PayPal. 2Checkout, SagePay, Klarna, PayPoint and Moneybookers.

Shipping Methods: Since easy and seamless shipping is one of the factors in determining the success of a store, Opencart supports all the major shipping modes like, Flat rate, free shipping, Per item, Royal mail, UPS and Weight based Shipping.

Modules: Modules are special set of functions that extends the functionalities of an existing feature. The major modules with Opencart are best sellers, Cart, Category, Latest, Best sellers and Google Analytics.

Back End Administration: Opencart has a robust back end admin panel that lets you manage your store, sales and marketing in a single control panel.

SEO: To move ahead of competition digital marketing is so crucial. Opencart has a robust SEO features that covers almost all the essentials of ecommerce SEO. The On-Page SEO feature allows you to control Title, Heading, description and Image tags.

Reporting: Open cart has a robust and intuitive reporting system that helps you to track, measure and analyze sales numbers, ROI and profit across categories and time.


If you are a small business trying to take your business online then starting out with an open source platform is both cost effective and simple.

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