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OSCommerce is a web based e-commerce and online store-management software solution. It can be hosted on any web server that has PHP and MySQL pre installed. OScommerce is always available as free software under the GNU General Public License. It is an Open-Source ecommerce solution that has all the advantages of ecommerce software.

OScommerce's Unique Selling Proposition as stated on their website is,

Our growing community of over 260,000 storeowners, developers, and service providers are there to help you at every stage of running your online store and business. Over 7,000 free Add-Ons have been uploaded by the community to use and customize your online store with.

Advantages of selecting an open-source ecommerce platform:

Literally No Cost Whatsoever: Open-Source platforms are always free to use and distribute. And the updates for the software are also distributed at no cost.

Quality: Since Open source Platforms are developed by a community of passionate developers, the quality of the software/platform is almost all times of the best quality.

Vendor Lock-in: In the event of you resorting to a cloud-based platform, there is always a possibility of vendor lock-in where in you will be not in a confortable position to come out of the platform.

Support: By virtue of the total number of people using the open source platform and the passion for open-source as a community brings people together to support one another incase of issues and incidents.

Essential Features In OScommerce Ecommerce Solution:

Store Management: Store management is one of the most important and arduous processes in an ecommerce management system. OScommerce helps you to not only plan but also execute the planned store structure in a simple way.

Product Management: Adding product to their respective categories and sub categories is so easy with the WYSIWYG editor. As a storeowner all you got to do is add the necessary product information on their respective text fields.

View Referral Software Features


Customizable Ecommerce Store: OSCommerce has a pre-built store design templates that you can chose from depending on your business requirements. The look and feel of the store can also be managed from the admin control panel. The software is a multi-lingual platform that enables you to run your store across different countries.


SEO Features: Every digital marketing campaign in an online ecommerce store starts with the search engine optimization that enables your website to rank higher on search engines. The SEO features on OScommerce enable you to plan, manage and change the store's URL structure, On-Page structures like the Title, description, Heading tags and Images.

Reporting: Ecommerce reporting is much more than capturing customer data. The data rich reporting feature of OScommerce helps you to gain actionable insights on your store's performance. The reporting dashboard helps you to analyze numbers like total sales, best selling products and categories, and customer profile that helps you to optimize your store's performance that is always strongly backed by data.


If you are running a small or medium store and if you are planning to take your store online then trying your hands with an open-source platform helps you to take complete control of your store with no costs.

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