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PrestaShop is an ecommerce software that lets you create online ecommerce store, which enables you to sell products online. PrestaShop is a free, open source and lightweight platform that lets you sell products through an easy to use and simple system.

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Top Features:

Comprehensive Catalogue Management:

PrestaShop gives you an easy to simple, easy to use and manage product catalogue management system. PrestaShop helps you to manage and build a logical hierarchy of products using a WYSIWYG editor. Instead of manually entering in all products, you can bulk import product lists as excel sheets.

Other features include:

o Cross selling of products that are closely related to each other.

o You can also sell downloadable products like songs, photographs and art works.

Product Page:

Your individual product page is the most important page on your store that actually persuades a visitor to buy products. Prestashop allows you to build attractive and information rich persuasive product pages easily with a WYSIWYG editor.

A Prestashop product page allows you to:

1. Display available quantities, this in a way creates a sense of urgency to purchase the items soon.

2. As the quote goes, an image speaks a thousand words, you can now add multiple images of each product that helps customers to visualize and feel the product. This also greatly increases the user engagement with the store.

3. You can also add "related products" to a particular item, this helps you when you upsell or cross-sell products.

4. Your customers can now add your products to their wish list, which allows them to purchase later. You could also send emails of discounts to these products to customers during special seasons sale.

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Payment Options:

Prestashop is integrated with almost all major online payment providers that provide both business owners and customers the flexibility to pay and make transactions of their choice.

The automatic inbuilt tax calculator helps you to automatically calculate taxes based on country, state and districts.

Online Digital Marketing:

Marketing your products online is one important business function that helps you to reach thousands of customers and thus helps keep your store solvent and successful. The best thing about PrestaShop's inbuilt marketing tool is its automation, which really helps small businesses, which are running low on resources to manage online marketing.

The essential digital marketing features are,

Automate Follow-Up Emails - Prestashop lets you to create and automate follow up emails on purchases and discounts for all your customers. The automation of these follow up emails are so flexible that you can chose different user actions to target custom made email follow ups.

Newsletter Subscription Management:

Capitalizing on the growing number of customers and fans is so crucial for keeping them always engaged and hence keeping your business one step ahead of your competitors. PrestaShop helps converting customers into subscribers. You can build and manage subscribers in a single place. Running targeting and seasonal email newsletter campaign to these subscribers has never been this easy.

Loyalty Programs

PrestaShop helps you to reward long terms customers using the inbuilt loyalty programs. You can now award points to repeat customers, which can then be converted into real discounts.

Other Marketing Campaigns

Prestashop also helps you to run "refer-a-friend" program that lets you offer gifts and coupons to referrers. You can also provide custom e-voucher and coupons giveaway to target customers during different seasons.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

If there is one thing that helps you grow organically on the Internet it is through your presence on the search engines. Ranking higher on search engines automatically increases your visitors count and hence the purchases. Search Engine Optimization is a systematic process that helps your store rank higher. PrestaShop helps you to completely manage all your search engine optimization process right there whenever you add your products.

The SEO features include:

Customizable URL: Add contextual keywords on the URL to rank higher.

Page Title: Add relevant keywords on the product page title.

Images: Add relevant keywords while naming the image and adding ALT tags.

Sitemaps: Automatically update store sitemaps whenever a new page is created. Sitemaps helps search engine bots to easily crawl through the pages of the store and index it for rankings.


For any small business owner who is looking to take their business online you can start with Prestashop. It is feature rich, easy to use, open source and free to download and use.

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