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Shopify is a simple and easy to use but yet powerful online ecommerce software that enables any one to take their business online easily.

Shopify provides you with all the tools and features to open an online store with a click of a few button.

The unique selling proposition of Shopify is that it enables any one and every one to start their business online. Literally no programming or website development knowledge is required to build your store. And with the level of control and flexibility, one can design and customize their store to reflect their real brand easily.

Lets delve deep and analyze the features of Shopify that makes it the most sought after ecommerce platform.



Storefront is your online store's website that will be used by customers to buy products. As mentioned above no programming knowledge is required to build your store from scratch. Shopify has a repository of more than 100 professionally designed and tested ecommerce store themes that you can chose and select. You could find themes and templates for almost all the industries and services. Some of the most common used templates are for clothing, fashion, photography, jewelry, electronics, food, beverages, restaurants, health and beauty.

Shopify gives you immense flexibility while building your store by letting you edit and write custom HTML and CSS codes that helps maintain your brand equity across the web and the real store. You could now register and use your own domain name in the name of your store. All the stores built on Shopify are mobile ready and responsive so that your customers can easily select, choose and buy products from their mobile devices.

Shopping Cart:

Shopping Cart forms the crux of any ecommerce store. Most of the online buyers are still skeptical and wary of how secure the shopping cart is. Shopify provides you with the most secure shopping cart that protects all the purchase transactions using a 256-bit SSL certificate. Shopify supports more than 70 payment gateways for your customers to choose from. Some of the important payment gateways supported are, PayPal, Bit coins, iDEAL, Stripe and Braintree.

Shopify lets you automate calculation of shipping rates from all the major logistic carriers that includes, UPS, USPS and FedEx. It also helps you automatically add taxes based on the weight and location of final delivery.

Digital Marketing:

With hundreds and hundreds of ecommerce stores creeping up, you need to always stay ahead of competition and digital marketing plays a crucial role in making your store forefront.

Shopify lets you to complete optimize your website for search engines. It lets you control the basic and essential on page optimization such as page title, H1, H2 tags and Image optimization.

The auto generated website sitemap.xml helps you to automatically notify search engine crawlers to index all your new web pages for ranking.


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Shopify lets you run marketing campaigns right from the admin panel. You can now run campaigns giving out special discount codes, gift cards and coupons for certain set of products or customers. You could also run email-marketing campaigns notifying your customers for new products, seasonal discounts and competitions right from your Shopify store without depending on any external third party applications.

Product and Inventory Management:

Products are the core part of any ecommerce store and managing them efficiently is what at the end of the day decides the success or failure of an online business. Shopify has the most robust product and inventory management system in the market. Adding products, maintaining inventory and keeping track of stocks has never been this easy. All the details that go with and are necessary for the purchase decision can be easily added to a product using a simple form. Your products can now have a flexible pricing plan for different sizes, weight and vendor.

Other Notable Features:

Other notable features of Shopify are hassle free hosting service that gives you an unlimited bandwidth with a guarantee of 99% uptime record.

Shopify also provides you with a inbuilt analytics and reporting system that helps you track revenue, sales insights data and numbers that helps your ascertain customer behavior.


Having discussed about all the above essential features, Shopify with its existing pricing structure makes it a top contender for anyone who wants to try their hands on online ecommerce sales.

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