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A Rundown on SquareSpace and How to Use it for Your Ecommerce Store

As a business that wants considerable online representation, ecommerce is an effective way to reach a global audience. However, many brick and mortar businesses have yet to fully optimize the opportunities this presents. A site like SquareSpace will take you from the typewriter to a sleek looking mobile device that you can literally control with a quick flick of the finger. Let's get into a brief overview and how it can help your ecommerce business.

What is SquareSpace?

It's a company that caters to millions of websites to amplify their web and mobile experience. What was once launched from a simple dorm room by a bright and young spirit named Anthony, has grown to 441 of some of the most talented developers and engineers. Dreams may start from a humble place but that doesn't mean that's the end all, be all. They have a belief in if they won't use it, there's no point in selling it to someone else. That creates a real legitimacy to a brand because it's not all about the profits - the user experience matters most!

How Do I Get Started?

You can begin a 14 day free trial which is easy to sign up to right on the site. There's no credit card required and you check out some really sleek looking themes. They have a live preview and show examples of what other customers have done once they upgraded. Simply put your first name, last name, and email address to sign up to begin your store.

What about Capturing an Audience?

There are a number of features in place to make sure you don't drop the ball when it comes to building a target audience. You can save form submissions to MailChimp, Google Docs, and your own email address. Staying in contact with your customers is powerful asset that you can use to build a long standing business relationship. Additionally, you can easily create a newsletter block to keep your customers regularly updated on products you are selling or random news they may find interesting.

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Setting Up Your Commerce

SquareSpace's ecommerce system works on templates through the US, UK, and Canada. Once you set up your 30-second sign up through the site, you can begin receiving money deposited minutes after someone's purchase without extra paperwork. Additionally, it's easy to set up physical and digital goods on the site. Digital products use customizable links that expire after 24 hours. Utilize ShipStation to ship out physical products using major carriers.

Integrating Social Media for More Engagement

There's easy integration for sites such as Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, and Pinterest. You can use social links to make it easier for your customer to share your products or blog posts. Additionally, you can have a drop down feature which shows your latest Facebook and Twitter posts. SquareSpace emphasizes heavy on engaging with your customers and beyond.

This is just a tip of the iceberg of the capabilities in your use of SquareSpace. Utilize SEO tactics, awesome templates and more as you begin your ecommerce takeover today!

If you are small and medium enterprise trying to expand your business online, then Bigcommerce is a best place to start experimenting. With the 30-day free trial and hands on onboarding support Bigcommerce is definitely worth giving a try. Advanced and granular control in marketing, promotion, SEO and customization are some of the pluses that make Bigcommerce a worthy alternative to Shopify and Magento.

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