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Volusion market them to be an all-in-one platform that helps businesses both small and big to sell their product and services online.

Be it a real life scenario or online, the storefront plays a notable role in creating the best first impression for the customers. Volusion allows you to select the entire store design that is readily available in the form of templates. All these templates can be used with a easy to use one-click install feature.

Volusion provides you with an easy to use filter function that lets you to nail down the template based on your tastes and aesthetic philosophy. You can filter using primary color, pricing range, categories that include boutique, clean, modern and retro. You could also select templates based on the niche where your business operates. These niches includes apparel, automotive, toys and games, business, electronics and jewelry.

Having decided on the store template, your next step would be to plan and design the store structure. Volusion has a WYSIWYG interface that helps you to create categories and subcategories of products. You can now add products to the corresponding categories. The product page on Volusion is information rich where in you can add all the necessary information a customer might need to complete the transaction. You could also include pictures of products in the form of a gallery that in a way gives the touch and feel of the product a customer is going to purchase.

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Since inbound marketing is one of the most crucial part of an ecommerce management process, Volusion has packed with in itself a whole host of digital marketing features like, centralized social media management, Search Engine Optimization that helps your store rank high and better on search engines, Build in email marketing solution that helps you to run offers and deals with the click of a button and all these marketing activities are managed and planned under a single roof

When it comes to managing payment, Volusion supports almost all major credit cards, it also seamlessly supports other major payment modes like PayPal.

Since Volusion is hosted on the cloud, you could enjoy all the benefits like running your store on a stable infrastructure that is built on a secure system, all without the need of an internal IT department.

Volusion follows the SaaS way when it comes to pricing, they charge customers on a subscription based model under 4 pricing plans which ranges from $15 for for startups and small businesses to $135 per month for enterprise companies. All the pricing plans have all the basic ecommerce store features and the only major difference is in the total number of products that can be added on the store which varies from 100 products for the basic plan and unlimited products for the enterprise plan. You can try Volusion for free for the first 14 days and you can cancel it anytime with the stipulated trial period.

Volusion apart from offering a software as service, it offers other business services that includes,

1. Search engine marketing

2. Cost Per Click advertising

3. Social media management

4. Conversion optimization

5. Ecommerce Analytics

6. Premium templates and

7. Design services for further customizations

Volusion is one of the "best of the breed" ecommerce solutions that you must try before getting into fixing one to build your store. With over $17 billion in sales that has happened through all Volusion stores, Volusion is one of the best ecommerce platforms available in the market.

Volusion also provides other essential e commerce store business tools like,

1. Credit card processing

2. SSL certification for your store.

3. Domain names

4. Live chat support

5. Fraud protection.

The other compelling reasons as to why Volusion is best suited for you as an ecommerce platform.

1. It is a simple, easy to use and robustly built ecommerce software.

2. They offer a whole host of professional services that ranges from design to ecommerce marketing

3. Since the ecommerce platform has been built on the cloud, it is stable and has a record uptime of 99 %

4. Volusion is known for its customer friendly customer service that is active all through the year.

5. Volusion is a highly secure platform and it is the only PCI certified ecommerce solution in the market.

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