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For anyone who wants to create an ecommerce store on Wordpress then WooCommerce is one of the best ecommerce store plugin available to choose from.

Features Of WooCommerce Store Plugin:

The Following are the 7 basic feature settings that help you to manage your store.

1. General Settings

2. Products

3. Tax

4. Checkout

5. Shipping

6. Accounts

7. Email

WooCommerce General Store Settings:

The General settings allows you to control,

1. Base location: The geography where your business is based out of.

2. Business Locations: This helps to set the place from where and from which geography customers can buy from your store.

3. Transaction Currency: The preferred currency of transaction.

WooCommerce Product Management Settings:

The settings include,

1. The Home page URL.

2. The list of products that are to be promoted on the home page.

3. The product order and arrangements.

4. The product's unit of measurement.

5. Product image sizes

6. File download methods.

7. Low stock threshold.

8. Low stock and out of stock notifications

9. Hiding out of stock products from the store

10. And the stock display format.

WooCommerce Store Tax Settings:

The Tax settings include,

1. Price display on the sales page, with tax or without tax.

2. Setting to control how and when the taxes are levied.

3. The class of taxes, such as,

o Taxes based on the shipping class.

o Standard tax

o Reduced rate tax

o Zero rate tax

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WooCommerce Customer Account Settings:

These features enables you setup the personal accounts page for your customers when they login to their store account portal. This helps you to automatically build includes a set of pages that helps your customers manage their account, these pages include,

1. View order

2. Edit account

3. Lost Password

4. Enabling customers to create and register accounts.

WooCommerce Product Checkout Settings:

The checkout settings include,

1. Applying Coupon codes.

2. Allowing/Disallowing guests customers to checkout.

The modes of payments that are supported by WooCommerce are BACS, Cheque, Cash On Delivery, Mijireh Checkout and PayPal.

WooCommerce Shipping Features and Settings:

1. Automatic Shipping Calculator

2. Automatic shipping destination picker.

3. Restricting shipping to certain geographies

4. Flat rate shipping to a certain category of products.

5. Free shipping to certain category of products.

6. Offering free shipping or flat rate shipping only to certain geographies.

Robust Email Notification System:

1. Email Notification for a new order to both

2. Email customer for the successfully processing the order.

3. Email customer for the successfully completing the order

4. Automate and send invoices for the purchase through email notifications using custom made templates and messages.


Woo Commerce's extremely simple to manage user interface that enables you to add products, design categories, decide prices, manage delivery and payment integrations has made previously arduous task of setting up a store easier for even those who do not know programming/coding. WooCommerce is a free plugin. The popularity of WooCommerce rose due to its open integrations with other third party plugins that enhances and extends the functions of WooCommerce.

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