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X-Cart is a PHP based shopping cart and ecommerce software that helps you to build, manage and sell your products online. The Unique Selling Proposition of X-Cart is that it is a simple, easy to use, easy to maintain and flexible ecommerce solution. X-Cart is written on PHP and it is an Open-Source solution, which enables you to customize your store however you want to.

The following are the important features of X-Cart

Easy to Start and Simple to Build

You can start building your ecommerce store just by downloading the software directly from X-Cart. X-Cart provides you with pre-defined store templates that you can download and integrate with your store. X-Cart also allows you to modify this template and even allows you to use custom built templates. All these templates are responsive and hence they are automatically adapted to almost all mobile devices. With X-Cart you can literally sell every thing that is product, services and downloadable items.

Product Page Features

With X-Cart you can easily plan and structure your stores hierarchy and sections easily. Adding products is as easy as just entering in product details on the add product page with all the essential information like product name, description, price, offers, payment options and delivery methods.

X-Cart helps you to keep your store highly engaging by providing features like easy product browsing, quick look of products done with AJAX without the page actually loading. Other engagement enhancing features include live product comparison, adding multiple images in the form of product gallery and click to zoom improvements.

The advanced search and autosuggestions also greatly help improving the online store's user experience. As X-Cart is integrated with all major social media platforms, your customer can now buy from the store using the social networks login credentials.

Shopping Cart Features

X-Cart has one of most robust shopping- cart management system that has features like abandoned cart reminder that can be used by your marketing team to send offers and discounts, features like Single Page Fast checkout, automatic shipping cost estimation and confirmation email notification.

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Catalogue Management

Managing your store's backend catalogues efficiently allows you to allocate more time and energy on other things that might help create an awesome store experience. The catalogue management features include,

o Adding unlimited number of products and categories.

o Uploading products in bulk using CSV files.

o Inventory tracking on every product on the store.

o Featuring Bestsellers, Featured products and related products.

o Up-Selling and Cross-Selling products on the product page.

Shipping and Tax Features

Your store can now automatically calculate shipping charges and additional taxes right there on the shopping cart. Other features include,

o Setting up Weight limits for products

o Charges for domestic, local and international shipping.

o Sales tax based on geography.

o Product specific taxes.

o Offering free shipping.

SEO Features

X-Cart lets you to control and optimize your online store for search engines so that you rank higher for product search terms. You can have complete control over page title, page Meta description tags, image names and image alt tags. You could also define the URL structure of your entire store to reflect good search engine optimization practices. The store's sitemap that search engine bots use to crawl and index product pages on your store is automatically generated and updated regularly.

Dual POS System

X-Cart provides you with a Dual Point Of Sale (POS) system that helps you to manage products, orders and inventory both on online and retail stores in a single interface. The retail POS system works with almost all popular billing hardware so integrating is not much of an issue to worry about.

Cost Effective

X-Cart unlike other cloud based ecommerce platforms that rely on monthly and yearly subscription plans, comes as one-time licensing fee and you can get all the future updates for free just with a click of a button.


X-Cart is truly a simple and easy to use ecommerce platform. It's the best choice for any one whose business policy does not believe in cloud based applications and always insists on privacy and security. It's flexibility to customize the storefront and workflow makes it a worthy alternative to all hosted ecommerce platforms.

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